Saturday, October 12, 2013

there is hope

"This sweater's about had it," I said, folding my cardigan and rolling it for my suitcase. Clothes that are okay at home seem shabby when I visit my daughter who looks great in everything, even the stuff she sleeps in.  

"It's served you well," said Hope.   Gentle in her new environment, she made me feel better. 

Everything we did together was nice and felt right.  Everything.

We ate what we wanted (more than we wanted), went where we felt like.  We both loved the Japanese Garden and were both ready to leave after a quick look at the trees and a longer look at the Koi.  We drank coffee, bought costumes, carved pumpkins, watched tv, ran some errands and not others.  We sipped tea, saw friends, met family.  

We buried Mrs. Nutley, the ancient gerbil who had traveled cross country to spend her last days in freedom, and now sleeps forever in a grassy spot under a large tree.  Hope surrounded the little creature with flower petals, I blinked back tears.  She'll put me to rest one day in a place she finds peaceful.  

She's making a music video for a friend known as Rap Girl. 
She has a party plan for her birthday.
She has work, and a boyfriend, not in residence. 
Her roommate and next-door neighbors are nice.
Best, she is nice to me.  which means she is happy.

Hope, enjoy your miracle.

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